Welcome to Bushong Vintage Company
The Bushong line of wine is made by Jason at Graveyard Vineyards in Paso Robles, California. Due to working in several different AVAs (American Viticulture Area), Jason has a keen sense on how to produce elegant, balanced wines from the variety of soils available. The Bushong wines showcase Jason’s winemaking style, under a family label with limited production.

JasonSkyJason Bushong, Winemaker
While acquiring his B.S. degree in Psychology from Humboldt State, his drinking preference was always wine. His desire to learn more about Oenology grew and prompted Jason to work with Bob Hodgson at Fieldbrook Winery in Humboldt County, Daryl Mason at Vinatura Winery in Arcata, then becoming the winemaker at the historic Galleano Winery in 1997 while he continued his technical viniculture education at UC Davis.  While at Galleano, one of his consultants asked Jason to move to Paso Robles and help build, develop and manage a large wine facility in Paso Robles area with Shandon Valley Partners. This 2.5 million gallon facility was developed from the ground up and Jason’s roll was not only the original winemaker but manager of the facility and developer of all the wine offerings.

As winemaker at Graveyard Vineyards, Jason has created Graveyard Vineyards’ wonderful wines from the beginning in 2005. The wines produced at Graveyard Vineyards are focused on being full bodied, approachable and easy drinking.  His technical knowledge of winemaking practices and gifted palate have brought Graveyard wines many 90+ point, Platinum, Gold, 4 Star Gold and Chairman Awards.

Visit Graveyard Vineyards’ tasting room Thursday-Monday 11am – 5pm for a unique tasting experience including the full line of Tombstone, Graveyard and Bushong wine. Located at 6990 Estrella Road, San Miguel, CA 93451. Call 805.467.2043 for details.